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Leitner Wireless Setup with Avaya EHS (Cat#2340)

Note: there are several models of Avaya Leitner EHS cables! Check compat at end of the article before proceeding! If your Avaya phone is not listed, you’re on the wrong article!

Here is the direct link for the Leitner EHS for Avaya Phones mentioned in this article

Leitner EHS cable for Avaya phones and remote answering

While many Avaya and Shoretel phones have built-in remote answering, ring detection is ONLY possible with an EHS cable!

This Avaya hookswitch comes with an extra, thick cable. It’s designed to work alongside the RJ9 cable that comes with the Leitner wireless headsets.

Leitner wireless headset connected to Avaya phone with Avaya EHS

Leitner Avaya EHS Setup

1) Head to your base unplug the power cable from the back of the base and set the RHL/DHSG button on the bottom of the Leitner charging base to RHL

2) Next get EHS cable. This is the cable with one larger end that goes through a little box. Connect the RJ45 end to the AUX jack on the back of the Leitner charging base (this is the largest jack in the center of the base). Connect the other end of this cable to the AUX jack in the back of the Avaya telephone

4) Now get the cable without the box that came with the Leitner. Connect one side of this cable to the telephone connector jack in the back of the Leitner charging base (this is the jack second to the left). Connect the other side of this cable to the headset jack of the Avaya telephone

5) Take the external microphone and plug the metal pin into the pin jack on the EHS cord box, remove the waxy paper from the microphone, then stick it to the speaker on your phone

6) Then, plug the power cable back in at the back of the base

7) Compatibility switch on the bottom of the base should be set to 1

Leitner wireless charging base bottom settings

Note: If you are using an Avaya 5420 and have a sidecar attached, you will not be able to plug this hookswitch into the phone, as the sidecar takes up the port we need. However, if you use the other Leitner EHS cord for Avaya phones (CAT #2339), it will work by bypassing the port that was taken up by the sidecar.

Untested with other Avaya phone models. If you have a phone that this works for that's not listed here, let us know so we can tell the world!

The ONLY models of telephone that work with this EHS are as follows. If your phone is not listed here, check this HDSanswers Article to find the correct instructions!













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