Leitner Wireless Setup with Cisco EHS

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The Cisco hookswitch comes with 1 cable, a cord with a small box in the middle. You will also need the straight connector cable that comes with the headset!


Here is how you set it up:

1) Unplug the power cable from the back of the base


2) Set the RHL/DHSG switch to RHL & 4


Instructions for setting the EHS Selection Switch to RHL Setting

2) Connect the larger end of the EHS (RJ45) to the AUX JACK of the Leitner base (biggest port with silver around it). Connect the smaller end of this cable to the AUX JACK in the back of the Cisco telephone (this jack will be labeled AUX).


3) Connect one side of the connector cord to the PHONE port in the back of the Leitner base (this is the jack second from the right). Connect the other side of this cable to the HEADSET JACK of the Cisco telephone.


4) Finally, plug the power cable back in at the back of the base.


With this set-up, the telephone receiver stays plugged into the HANDSET jack of the Cisco telephone. There will be nothing plugged into the HANDSET jack of the Leitner wireless headset charging base.


**SEE PHOTO 2 for Visual Reference of how to set up an Cisco Hook Switch!


Reference for how to set up an Cisco Hook Switch/></figure>
<p>NOTE: The phone will need to be in DHSG or EHS mode for this accessory for work. <strong>This setting can only be changed in the CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) on the computer.</strong> However, you can check to see if it’s already set up.</p>
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<p>Try this on 7900 phones:</p>
<p>1) Settings</p>
<p>2) Device configuration</p>
<p>3) Network configuration (it may say media configuration)</p>
<p>3) Ensure Hookswitch mode is <strong>ENABLED</strong></p>
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<p>If it does not say that this mode in Enabled, call your Phone Service Provider to get it switched on.</p>
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