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Leitner Wireless Setup with Yealink EHS36

Leitner setup with EHS36 and Yealink phone setup diagram

EHS items needed: The two cords that you need are the the RJ45 cord and the RJ12 cord. It may be useful to describe it as the short flat cable (RJ45) and the short round cable (RJ12). We will also need the box that says "Yealink".

***You won't use the curly cord, the y-shaped cord, or the short 3.5mm cord that comes with your Yealink set.***

Please note: we will also need the connector cord that comes with the Leitner headset.

Yealink EHS36 with Leitner set-up:

Leitner EHS36 corded needed for setup with Yealink phone

1) Before you start, unplug the power cable from the back of the base and set the RHL/DHSG button on the bottom of the Leitner wireless headset charging base to DHSG

2) Connect the RJ45 end to the AUX JACK on the back of the Leitner wireless headset charging base (this is the largest jack in the center of the base). Other end will go into the left hand side of the YEALINK box

3) Connect the RJ12 cord to the other end of the Yealink box (the smaller side) and the other end to the EXT Port of the Yealink telephone. If this headset has expansion modules, then plug it into the last EXT port of the last expansion module

5) Plug the connector cord that came with the Leitner base into the 2nd to last jack on the right of the Leitner base. The other end will go into the HEADSET jack of the Yealink phone

6) Plug power back into the base

Please note: if the EHS needs to be plugged into the expansion module it may not work, we have noticed it will provide audio but none of the EHS features. EHS cable would need to be plugged directly into the EXT port in the phone if it fails

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