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Leitner wireless volume adjustments on computer mode

We all know how the volumes work in phone mode, but what about computer mode? It does get confusing, but here are our finding so far.

PC/Mac Speaker audio: USB

- We can turn the volume down on the headset (please not it won't go all the way down,but that's OK. No one wants that!)

- We can turn the volume all the way up/down using the volume bar on YouTube

- We can adjust the volume using the Windows volume mixer within VPN, but changing the volume outside the VPN does nothing.

Note: If you can't get volume no matter what, try rebooting the computer, as sometimes the sound card is glitchy.

PC/Mac Mic audio: USB

- Adjust the microphone volume underneath the headset base

Mac Speaker: Bluetooth

- You can adjust the speaker volume using the windows settings (speaker in the bottom right corner)

- You can adjust the speaker volume using the headset volume buttons, as well.

- You can adjust the volume on the volume bar in YouTube AND on the headset. Either works!

Mac Mic : Bluetooth

- In Zoom, you can change the mic volume with the headset base. You CANNOT change the mic volume in Teams. Weird...

- Untested in other softphones. If you have a solution, send it over!

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