Headset Answers > Leitner wireless volume adjustments on computer mode*

We all know how the volumes work in phone mode, but what about computer mode? It does get confusing, but here are our finding so far.

PC/Mac Speaker audio: USB

- We can turn the volume down on the headset (please not it won't go all the way down,but that's OK. No one wants that!)

- We can turn the volume all the way up/down using the volume bar on YouTube

- We can adjust the volume using the Windows volume mixer within VPN, but changing the volume outside the VPN does nothing.

PC/Mac Mic audio: USB

- Adjust the microphone volume underneath the headset base

Mac Speaker: Bluetooth

- You can adjust the speaker volume using the windows settings (speaker in the bottom right corner)

- You can adjust the speaker volume using the headset volume buttons, as well.

- You can adjust the volume on the volume bar in YouTube AND on the headset. Either works!

Mac Mic : Bluetooth

- In Zoom, you can change the mic volume with the headset base. You CANNOT change the mic volume in Teams. Weird...

- Untested in other softphones. If you have a solution, send it over!