Location of Phone Make & Model Numbers

The following list where the model numbers are mostly found on the following telephone.

Aastra/Mitel: Most model numbers are in the top right of the phone on the front.

Avaya/Merlin : Most model numbers will be found under the handset

AT&T/Lucent/ Avaya Partner MLS : Top Right Corner

Cisco IP : Usually on top, above the display screen.

NEC : On top, above the display screen

Nortel/Meridian : Underneath the phone, towards the bottom

Panasonic : Usually in the top right corner of the phone

Polycom: Usually on the bottom of the phone, most model numbers start with VVX (victor victor xray, not w) or Soundpoint IP

Shoretel: Most model numbers are on the front of the phone, bottom right.

Toshiba : Underneath the phone

Vodavi: Upper right corner

Yealink: Under the phone on the sticker. All Yealink phone models start with SIP

Zultys: Front of the phone, top right. All Zultys models start with ZIP.