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Looking for a list of FileMaker tips and tricks?

You’ve come to the right place, my friend.

Thanks to our main man, Scott we are slowly compiling the Ultimate FileMaker cheat sheet.


The Basics: You can use these hotkeys in the search fields in Filemaker to make it easier/quicker to search using your keyboard!

CTRL + N --> Opens up a new note

CTRL + A --> Highlights all text

CTRL + C --> Copies all highlighted text

CTRL + V --> Pastes copies text

CTRL + - (hyphen) --> Inserts date

CTRL + ; (semi-colon) --> Inserts current time

CTRL + S --> Submits entered text

CTRL + G --> Clears search fields

Performing the search: These shortcuts will make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for when actually performing a search in Filemaker.

... = Date Range

For example, if you’re trying to search for a return placed between 12/15/16 and 12/31/16 you would entire it in the date field as 12/15/16...12/31/16 and BOOM! You get all the returns within that date

// = Today’s Date

For example, if you wanted to type today’s date into a search field, you could instead just type // Aww yeah! Savin’ those keystrokes!

! = All

For example, to find all orders placed within a certain date range, enter your date range and then enter ! for the company name or account number. VOILA! You get all the orders within that date range.

> = Greater Than or After

< = Less Than or Before

For example, you could put >50000 in the Total Value field on the Orders Advance Search screen and find all the orders we’ve had that are over $50,000. And, yes, we’ve had several! Bell Ringer x 100!

For another example, if you put <1/15/10 into the Order Date field of the same screen, it would show you all orders placed Before 1/15/10.

* = Fill It In, FileMaker!

For example, if you enter J*N in the contact field, FileMaker will find every contact that starts with J and ends with N (John, Joan, Jalen, Jen, etc.). This could be SUPER useful if you forget how to spell a Customer’s name but have vague idea and some other info like their order date!

Before you ask, YES, you can put these together to make super ninja-efficient level custom search parameters.

Added tips from Matt for using the Advanced Search screens:

- Look at all your fields available. You’d be surprised what you can use!

- Use multiple fields to have narrow your searches.

- Partial information is awesome! Ex: area code and a first name could pull up your Customer!

What other magical secrets does FileMaker hold?

If you know any, please email them to HDSAnswers and this article will be updated!

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