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Thanks to our main man, Scott we are slowly compiling the Ultimate FileMaker cheat sheet.


The Basics: You can use these hotkeys in the search fields in Filemaker to make it easier/quicker to search using your keyboard!

CTRL + N --> Opens up a new note

CTRL + A --> Highlights all text

CTRL + C --> Copies all highlighted text

CTRL + V --> Pastes copies text

CTRL + - (hyphen) --> Inserts date

CTRL + ; (semi-colon) --> Inserts current time

CTRL + S --> Submits entered text

CTRL + G --> Clears search fields

Performing the search: These shortcuts will make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for when actually performing a search in Filemaker.

... = Date Range

For example, if you’re trying to search for a return placed between 12/15/16 and 12/31/16 you would entire it in the date field as 12/15/16...12/31/16 and BOOM! You get all the returns within that date

// = Today’s Date

For example, if you wanted to type today’s date into a search field, you could instead just type // Aww yeah! Savin’ those keystrokes!

! = All

For example, to find all orders placed within a certain date range, enter your date range and then enter ! for the company name or account number. VOILA! You get all the orders within that date range.

> = Greater Than or After

< = Less Than or Before

For example, you could put >50000 in the Total Value field on the Orders Advance Search screen and find all the orders we’ve had that are over $50,000. And, yes, we’ve had several! Bell Ringer x 100!

For another example, if you put <1/15/10 into the Order Date field of the same screen, it would show you all orders placed Before 1/15/10.

* = Fill It In, FileMaker!

For example, if you enter J*N in the contact field, FileMaker will find every contact that starts with J and ends with N (John, Joan, Jalen, Jen, etc.). This could be SUPER useful if you forget how to spell a Customer’s name but have vague idea and some other info like their order date!

Before you ask, YES, you can put these together to make super ninja-efficient level custom search parameters.

Added tips from Matt for using the Advanced Search screens:

- Look at all your fields available. You’d be surprised what you can use!

- Use multiple fields to have narrow your searches.

- Partial information is awesome! Ex: area code and a first name could pull up your Customer!

What other magical secrets does FileMaker hold?

If you know any, please email them to HDSAnswers and this article will be updated!

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