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Low/no mic volume on windows computer*

You may end up in a situation where the microphone seems like it should be working in a Windows computer, but it simply isn't. Try this simple trick!

Note: this will not work for Leitner, as the Windows volume controls will not affect those headsets.

  • In the bottom right corner of your screen, there should be a speaker icon. Right click on it and select “Open sound Settings”
  • In the menu that opens on the right hand side, or the bottom, there will be a section called “related settings” One of those settings will be “Sound Control Panel”. Lets go ahead and open that up.
  • On the new window that opens we will have several tabs at the top, go to “recording” and right click on the “DECT Headset” then select properties,
  • In the pop up that comes for properties there will again be several tabs, go to “levels” and there will be a sliding bar. We can adjust that bar to adjust how loud we sound.
    • Note: Also make sure the microphone icon on the far right doesn't have a red circle with a line through it. If it does, click it once, and it will turn into 2 curved blue lines.