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M12/M22 Vista or MX10 Has Poor Sound Quality

Your Plantronics amplifier and headset should sound great when you use them. If you or your Customers are noticing that the sound isn't up to snuff, this is how you improve it!

Plantronics M22 wired headset amplifier

Troubleshooting tactics

1) Try new batteries! The batteries usually last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

2) Check the compatibility settings. The unit must be set to #1 or #5! If it will not work on one of these numbers, but works on another number like #4, then the batteries are either dead or were installed incorrectly. Plantronics designed #4 as a battery test switch, if it works at all at that number, you need new batteries. Always remember that the M12 or M22 must always either be set to #5, #1, or, on very rare occasions, #2.

3) Check volume controls. There are three volume controls that can have an effect on the M12 or M22 sound quality. They are the volume on the phone itself, the volume dial on top of the amp (effects the way you hear the caller), and the blue & white microphone screw located on the left-hand side of the amp (often beneath a panel, affects the way the caller hears you).

4) Check setup. It is possible that the system was set up slightly incorrectly. Be sure to check that all the correct cords are plugged into the right places.

5) Unplug cords for 5 seconds and plug them back in. The standard reset for most electronics can also work here!

6) Try a different headset, if available. Perform a mic swap, that way we can further narrow down where the problem is coming from.

7) Test to see if the headset works when connected directly to phone. If the headset works without the amp, then the problem would seem to be with the amp itself. If you have already performed all the other troubleshooting techniques, then it may just be toasted

8) Check voice tube. Voice tubes can get clogged by dust particles, food particles if they eat at their desk, etc. If the customer is having a hard time being heard try having them slide their voice tube off. If they can be heard, they just need to clean their voicetube by either soaking it in luke warm water for about 10-15 min or by blowing a can of compressed air through it. They also receive an extra voice tube in the box with their headset.

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