Mac OS updates breaking stuff

Hello PS Team,

It seems that the newest OS versions from both Apple and Google have broken a few things on Bluetooth headsets.

Apple’s iOX11 has caused connectivity issues with Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets.

Ross from Sennheiser says this happens sometimes when Apple rolls out an update or a new OS.

This will clear itself up in a week or so if it hasn’t already. Please tell our Customer’s with iPhone8 and iPhoneX to hang on-- their phones will automatically update a fix. Sennheiser updater will not fix this.

Google’s latest Android update has caused VXI headsets to make a loud screeching sound when you use voice commands to call out.

This is definitely weird. And it’s also due to an Android update.

This will ONLY affect Customers with Android phones (like Samsung Galaxy phones) that are using VXI headsets (Blueparrot or Road Warrior). So we won’t see this much. But, it’s a known issue.

The VXI firmware doesn’t fix it just yet. Customers will need to wait for an update to come from Google.