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Marathon/Lifter mode - No ring detection.

(Marathon Discontinued)


Please note that the Marathon's actual earpiece ringer may be turned down/off.

While not on a call, users should turn up earpiece vol. (If they have a lifter, it should be in the down position)


If the headset is not ringing when the phone rings we want to first check to be sure the ring detector is on.

On the left side of the lifter there is an on/off button, a sensitivity dial, and a status light.

When the ring detector is on the status light will have a Blue light. When it is off the light is Orange.


If the light is Blue but no alert is heard make sure that the ring detector sensitivity is turned up. This dial is right by the RD on/off button.


Make sure that the ring detector mic is stuck on the phone right above the speaker. Keep in mind that the Marathon’s Handset Lifter does have an Internal mic on the bottom of the lifter.


If all of this fails or if when the call comes in the blue light on the lifter is blinking and the Customer still does not hear a ring in their ear try Un-Registering and Registering the mic.

Still no luck?

If the light is blinking on the lifter and no sound is heard in the headset replace the Basic Bundle System.

If the light is not blinking on the lifter replace the lifter.

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