Marathon/Partner Phone - No Ringing in Headset When phone Rings

(Marathon Discontinued)

Step 1

Make sure the ringer is not turned off.

Just like on the OfficeRunner you can adjust the incoming ring volume by using the volume control on the headset while not on a call. The difference is, with the Marathon you CAN turn it completely off. To ensure that the Customer has not done this have them do this:

Place the headset in the charger for 5 seconds.

Remove the headset from the charger.

Press the volume up button on the headset to test the ringer.

They should hear the sound of a ringing phone in their ear.

Step 2

If that does not work sometimes it helps to try the following:

If they’re in the AUX jack we might have to try using the jack splitter at the wall outlet. This will occasionally do the trick.

If they’re in the Jack Splitter and have an AUX jack try moving it over there.