Multi-unit Conferencing for GN 9120/9125


The 9120 has multi-unit conferencing capability that lets up to four headsets join in on a call from a single base unit. And since the 9120 has a 300 ft range, you can hold conferences from virtually anywhere in the office!

Also, this multi-unit conferencing capability is great for training purposes! Without any sort of Y-cord, you can wirelessly listen in to another call.

For this procedure the headset that comes with the 9120 is considered the master headset.

1. While on a call on the master headset (#1), place the second headset in the charge base( #2).

2. Wait approximately 5 seconds, the lights on the base will flash, turn solid, then shut off. Immediately remove the second headset from the base (#3).

3. You’ll hear a beep in the master headset (#4). Press and hold the multi-function button on the master headset for 3 seconds and then release (#5).

4. You should now have the second headset conferenced in, if not, press and hold the multi-function button on the second headset for 3 seconds, and then release (#5).

You may continue this process to conference in up to 4 different headsets. Be careful, on occasion the link may drop and the added headsets will have to go through the procedure again.

Once you put the Master headset back on the base or press the Multifunction button the Conference Mode will end.