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My CS50/55/70/351/361 is not Getting the Range it's Supposed to

The Plantronics CS50 / CS55 / CS70 / CS351 / CS361 gets UP to 300 feet in an ideal situation. The range depends on the environment such as other wireless devices, outside building and structures such as other radio towers, wireless units the neighbors have, or the structure of the building.

If the Customer never had good range when they first received the headset they may want to try another headset.

For example if they purchased a CS55 they might want to try the OfficeRunner.

If the Customer used to get good range, but now has a shorter range:

1.Try a New Mic Synch.

2. Move the headset to a different location.

3. If Customer has another Wireless Headset, try switching headsets.

This is the best way to determine if it is the headset or environment.

If that still does not work, it’s ok to try another brand or model headset to see if it gets better range. If the new headset still hasn’t enough range, something in the environmental surroundings is limiting the range.

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