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My Headset Cuts Out With Skype? Please Help?

If you’re experiencing mic audio cutting in and out while you’re on Skype, it might be coming from a Skype setting. Here’s how to adjust it:

1) In Skype go to your Audio and Video Settings. *In Skype for Business this may be called “Audio Devices”

2) Un-check the “Automatically Adjust Microphone Settings” in Skype for Business they may be called “Stereo Audio Playback”

This should fix it BUT...

If you’re still having trouble with sound cutting out...

1) Go back to the Audio and Video Settings in Skype

2) Lower the microphone volume in Skype by sliding the bar to about 50%

Last but not least, if it’s STILL happening...

1) Go to your sound settings in Windows by right-clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom right corner of your screen

2) Select Recording Devices

3) In the Recording tab, right-click on the headset and go to Properties

4) Select the Levels tab. Slide the microphone volume level down a bit, 75% or lower

Skype on, my friends. Skype on!

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