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My Jabra Wireless Headset is not Beeping or Ringing when the Phone Rings

Disclaimer: We do not sell this headset, thus we do not have much information on it aside from what is already outlined in this article.

If your Jabra wireless headset isn't alerting you when your phone rings, usually means 1 of 3 things: Either the Handset lifter is not over the speaker, the ring sensor is off, or the ringer sensitivity control is turned down.

Jabra GN100 handset lifter

Getting your Call Notfications Back

  1. If there is no ring then it could mean the speaker on the phone is not directly underneath the lifter. To detect the ring, the lifter's microphone must be directly over the phone's speaker. Try repositioning the sensor by sliding it up or down. If it still is not over the speaker, then you must use the external ring detector mic. The ring sensor plugs into the back of the lifter and then sticks down to the phone's speaker, wherever that speaker happens to be.
  2. The ring sensor is off. You can tell if the ring sensor is off by checking the indicator light on top of the lifer.

    If the light is flashing, this means the ring sensor is OFF (the liter arm must be in the down position to check this, so the headset itself must be turned off before you can proceed. You can tell if the headset is turned on by looking at the same indicator light on the lifter. If it is solid red that means the headset is on). Turn the sensor on by pressing the on/off button, the light should stop flashing when you do so.
  3. The ringer sensitivity control is turned down. If the ring sensor is ON (meaning no red light is flashing when the lifter is in the down position) and there is still no ring then you should adjust the ringer sensitivity knob. It's the knob on the back of the lifter with a picture of an arrow going around it.

    Turn the knob towards the arrow to increase the sensitivity, making it more likely for the alerts to reach your Jabra headset.

    The vast majority of office phones have different ringers! And if the RHL1000 Jabra Handset Lifter is not detecting an incoming call, even when you are using the ring detector, the specific ringtone being used can be the culprit! It can usually be changed, take a look in the manual of your office phone or look it up online. You can also try cleaning the speaker and the underside of the RHL1000 handset lifter(where the microphone is located) with a can of compressed air.

Time For A New Headset?

Many Jabra Customers have upgraded to the Leitner LH370. You can also get this with the Leitner remote handset lifter!

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