Uh oh. If your dial pad says “HANDSET 1” or “HANDSET 2” after being registered and there is only 1 Marathon headset registered to the base, then you’ve got a problem!

This is an error at the manufacturer level and there isn’t a reset we have to fix this. Here’s what to do:

1) This is a problem with the Marathon base, NOT the dial pad! We want to replace the Marathon unit (cat #1695) and have the Customer hold on to their Dial Pad. MAKE SURE THE CUSTOMER PULLS THE BATTERY FROM THE DIAL PAD UNTIL THE NEW UNIT ARRIVES TO BREAK THE CONNECTION. Have them re-charge the dial pad when they get the new unit.

2) When you create the return, be sure to put in the Shipping Notes (to the right): DEFECTIVE BASE-- DO NOT REPACK!

3) Send out a new Marathon (cat #1695) and have them charge that and the old dial pad, then register the old dial pad to the new base as you normally would.


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