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Call 1-800-HEADSETS Mon-Fri 9:00-7:30 EST
Free 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns Always!

My OfficeRunner won't power on!*



If the OfficeRunner won’t power on, it could be a solved by a few different things:

-Check to make sure there isn’t a red light in the center. If so, walk through the reset procedure.

-Check to see what mode it’s on. If it’s in computer mode and nothing is plugged in, the OR won’t power on.

-The button might be faulty. An alternate way to power the headset on is by pressing the phone/computer button. If you use that button, and it works, then the call control button is broken. Replace the mic.

-Try using dipswitch 4 (back of the cube in the bottom right), it will power the headset on once removed from the base. This can sometimes “jump start” the headset and get it working if it’s just a random issue

-Remove the battery. Follow the instructions listed in the charging and battery info for the OR

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