My ORL12 is not Lifting or stuck in the up position*


Things to try for an ORL12 not lifting:

1. Ensure the OfficeRunner base is set to Phone. The lifter does not lift on computer mode.

2. Does the lifter have a red light? Try a lifter reset

3. Check power supply, try a different outlet.

4. Reverse the lifter cord.

5. Check dip switches, 1 and 2 should be in the up position.

6. Try increasing lifter height.

*The following steps will reset the lifter to the original factory settings. This can be used if the lifter is no longer functioning properly and can help with ring sensor programming if it is no longer working or in cases when the lifter has a constant red flashing light.

Lifter reset:

1) Begin by unplugging the lifter connector cord from the back of the lifter.

2) Press and hold the P1 and P2 buttons (pictured below) simultaneously while reconnecting the lifter cord.

3) Release the buttons when the red light flashes on the lifter.

4) The reset is complete once the blue light flashes (flashes 5 times).