My phone goes to speakerphone not headset, what do I do?*

Do you have a button on your Aastra phone that has a shared “handsfree” button that can either turn on/off Speakerphone or work as a Headset Button?

Well, if so, here’s how to set it up:

1) Press the Options button and toggle down to “Audio Mode”

2) Once in “Audio Mode” select “HEADSET/SPEAKER” to turn on the Headset Button.

Whichever is first is what it defaults to. So if you have it set to speaker/headset and you push the speaker button it’ll go to speaker phone even if you have a headset connected, but if you have it as headset/speaker you can use the headset and if the headset is off, you’ll be able to use your speaker phone.

(see instructions below for more information)