Headset Answers > My RCA phone says "inhibited"

When using a headset with an RCA 2524RE-1 phone (and this may also apply to model numbers close to that one as they are from the same series) and the phone screen says INHIBITED, here’s what you can try:

1) Unplug the phone line from the wall.

2) Push the phone cords all the way into the phone.

3) Plug the cords back in.

If you are still getting the INHIBITED message after that...

Make sure your Customer is not plugged into the handset jack but trying to use the headset button on the phone.

If they are set up this way, then you’ll need to send them out a 2.5mm adaptor for wireless or QD cord for corded so that they can go through the proper headset jack.

We will rarely run into this, but now we know what to do when we see it!