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My Shoretel Phone is Stuck on When I Use my Leitner

So we have a Shoretel phone acting funny with a Leitner, eh? It turns on by itself and the phone line won’t turn off no matter what you do?

Move the switch on the bottom of the Leitner base to "RHL", followed by a resync, instructions below.

Resync Instructions:

  1. Take headset out of charger, then press and hold the mute button (between the "+" and "-" buttons) until the headset light begins to flash, then let go
  2. Next, press and hold the phone button on the headset base until that light begins to flash, then let go
  3. Lay the headset NEXT TO the base, and once the phone light stops flashing and goes solid, the resync is completed

Something about the DHSG setting messes with Shoretel phones. Make sure your Leitner is on RHL and it should instantly go back to normal.

Remember: Shoretel + Leitner Always = RHL!

Handset not on the phone:

For whatever reason, ShoreTel phones will not fully hang up when the handset is not hung up, even when in headset mode. You do not have to have the curly cord attached, but something will need to press down on the receiver button in order for the phone to disengage from the line.

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