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OfficeRunner - Always Audio with EPOS Connect


This is a PS only article. If you have wandered here accidentally, just ignore most of this. It's not classified or anything, but you likely don't know what you are looking at anyway

Troubleshooting Tips:

-Try plugging the OR into different USB ports. If using a desktop, trying to stay with the ports in the back as opposed to the front. With a laptop, move the USB to a port closest to the power source.

-If you are using a USB hub, you need to try to cut it out of the equation if possible

-The HeadSetup program has a feature under the Settings tab that is called “Always Audio”. By default this feature is turned off, but once you activate it, it may help to keep the headset powered on while in computer mode. This will solve the issue 90% of the time however...

PLEASE NOTE: The HeadSetup program also does some things you might not want it to do. When the program is on it has a tendency to “grab” the headset and pull it into computer mode when you’re not using it. Example: You are on the headset talking on the phone, you turn off the headset at the end of the call and the OfficeRunner will flip from phone to computer mode automatically. Every. Single Time.

This will cause you to need to constantly switch from computer to phone mode in order to answer a call. You might not even realize that’s what’s happening, and think the headset just won’t work on the phone anymore. You can stop this from happening by closing the program, but if you need the feature on in order to use the headset, you're going to have to keep shutting down and starting up the program. If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, please reach out to our Product Support.

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