OfficeRunner/DWPro Resets*



Standard Reset (DCA Reset)

  1. Remove the AC/DC power cord from the back of the base (under the yellow sticker) Note: if the USB cord is being used, unplug that as well.
  2. Wait about 20 seconds and plug the cord(s) back in.

Dipswitch Reset

“Hi (insert Customers name),

Below are instructions on how to reset your headset.

Dipswitch Reset:

  1. Place the headset in the charging base.
  2. Remove the DCA power cord from the back of the base (under the yellow sticker). Unplug the USB cord (under the orange sticker) if it is being used.
  3. Note which positions the 6 white dip switches are in (so you can move them back to their original positions later in step 4), then move all 6 switches DOWN.
  4. Plug the DCA power cord (and USB if in use) back into the base and wait for 20 seconds.
  5. Move all 6 switches back UP and move any switches back down if needed (referring to step 3)
  6. Test out your headset!

New Mic Sync/Manual Pairing

“Hi (insert Customers name)

Below are instructions on how to pair your headset to your charging base.

Manual Pairing:

  1. Remove the headset from the charging base
  2. Press and hold the mute and on/off buttons until the headset flashes red and blue.
  3. Put the headset back into the base. The light on the headset will turn blue when the pairing is complete.

Manual Disconnect/Reconnect - Try this for any type of pairing or connectivity issues

“Hi (insert Customers name)

Below are instructions on how establish a better connection between your headset and base.

Manual Disconnect:

  1. Take the headset off of the base and ensure the headset is turned off
  2. Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the headset until the red light begins to flash on the headset
  3. Continue to hold down until we see a red diamond and no battery lights on the cube
  4. Place the headset back on the base and remove once we see a solid blue light on it. This lets us know the headset has successfully paired to the cube