OfficeRunner turns on but the ORL12 does not move*

1. Make sure the Light on the base is by the picture of the telephone NOT the computer (If next to computer, push on the right side where the picture of the phone is and it should move over)

2.Check that the lifter is connected properly (there should be a flat black cord with a pink sticker on one end connecting it to the headset base)

3. Check the Dip Switches (in the bottom right corner of the back of the base. If Dip Switch 1 or 2 is down it will cut off power to the lifter,. (Dip 1 and 2 are for hookswitches).

4. Check the lifter for a red light. This means the lifter is not getting enough power or that the lifter is bad.

5. Reset Lifter (unplug cord from lifter, hold down P1 & P2, plug cord back in, let go when you see red lights flash. blue light will flash to indicate a successful reset)

6. Try moving DCA to another outlet.