OfficeRunner volumes, speaker, mic, mute, and changing the direction of the volume control*


The speaker volume is controlled by the little switch on the headset itself.

Check out the video! -

When worn on the right ear the switch is raised up to increase the volume and it is moved down to lower the volume.

PLEASE NOTE - The direction of the volume control can be reversed for users who wear the headset on the left ear.

1. Hold the MUTE and CALL CONTROL buttons for 5 -10 seconds, until the light on the headset flashes red and blue.

2. Move the volume control dial the OPPOSITE DIRECTION from it’s current setting and hold it until the light on the headset goes out.


The mic volume of the OfficeRunner is controlled by the white dial on the back of the base . The settings are 0 - 9 with 6 being the most common setting to start with.

Check out the video! -


To mute the headset simply press the volume control button IN.

You will see a red light at the center of the charging base.

To Un-Mute, press the same button on the headset.


After 5 minutes the Mute feature will turn off and the mic will be active again.

The newer versions of the OfficeRunner will not beep while on mute!

Note: You can turn the tone that lets you know your on Mute down, by decreasing the Ring Detection volume. To do this turn the headset off and use the volume controls on the headset. The chiming sound will play and it will get lower and higher as you adjust it. This is the same volume as the mute tone.

To turn off the mute tone, simply turn the notification tones down completely (until you hear the double beep) You will still hear the other notifications, they will just be quiet.