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ORL12 Flashing red*

This is the lifter’s way of telling us something is not right. Consider it an “error” message. This can sometimes be caused by having something that prevents the lifter from lifting properly.

Some phones have a tab that is located where the handset sits into the cradle. This is a wall mount tab and can prevent the lifter from lifting properly which will cause the red light.


  1. First if there is a tab, remove the wall mount tab.
  2. Try a reset on the lifter. Unplug the lifter cord->hold P1 and P2-> while holding the buttons plug the cord back in. You should see 2 red flashes the let go of the buttons. You will now see 5 blue flashes.
  3. Try pressing and holding P1 and P2 to get the lifter into height adjustment mode. Press P1 a few times and make the lifter height a bit higher.
  4. Try removing the cord and flipping it around so that the side in the base is in the lifter and the side from the lifter ends up in the bas
  5. You can try moving the DCA to another electric outlet. This rarely helps but it’s worth a try.
  6. Lastly we could try a dipswitch reset.

Some people have a tendency to manually move (force) the lifter platform up and down. THIS IS A BIG NO-NO and can wear on the motor. This can also cause the red light to flash and make the lifter malfunction.

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