ORL12 Lifter Overview: Set up, height adjustments, programming ring detection, & videos*

ORL12 Handset lifter works with Sennheiser wireless headsets

Contents in the box:

1. ORL12 handset lifter

2. Microphone (ring detector)

3. Cable with two RJ11

4. Instruction manual

5. Easy adapting kit (extender arm)

6. Foam blocks (stopper)

7. Double-sided adhesive tape

How to set up:

Check Out the Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CL0xyTmqil0

1) Plug the cord with a pink sticker into the top of the lifter

2) Plug the order end into the pink ACC port in the back of the cube

3) Before removing the stick tape from lifter, put it over the speaker of the phone that get a good idea of where exactly it should go

4) Remove sticky tape (make sure to remove round sticky tape from the bulit in mic as well)

5) Stick lifter onto the phone

6) Unplug curly cord from back of the phone (or side), then plug it into the handset port in the back of the headset base

7) Make sure the green phone port has the connector cord plugged in, then plug the other end into the handset port in the back of the phone

Setting the Lift Height:

Check Out the Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PL_Y13BXQY

1) Press and hold down the P1 (1) and P2 (2) buttons for two seconds

2) The LED will flash red and blue. The lifter should go up for you

3) Press P1 (1) to increase or P2 (2) to decrease until you reach the desired position.

4) Save the settings by pressing and holding down both the P1 and P2 buttons for 2 seconds

Teaching the ORL12 to recognize the ring tone:

Check Out the Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLffX4iw-WQ

Reminder: environment must be quiet

1) Place a call to the telephone to make the phone rin

2) As soon as the phone begins to ring, press and hold the P1 (1) button until the LED flashes blue 3) Allow the phone to ring out loud 4-6 times and then disconnect the call.

4) If the recording was successful, the LED flashes red twice.

Special note for phones with 2 different ring tones (see Figure 3):

If your office phone has 2 ring tones follow the instructions above to designate the first ring tone. Next press and hold the P2 (2) button until the LED flashes red and let go. Make your phone ring. If the recording was successful, the LED flashes blue twice.