ORL12 Ring Detection Programming Instructions*


ORL12 Ring Detections Programming Instructions

  1. Call the phone the lifter is attached to. (We recommend using your cell phone or one of your coworkers phones nearby to call.)
  2. When the phone begins to ring, press and hold the P1 button on the lifter until it blinks blue. (Blue light means the ring detection process has started)
    1. (If using P2, the light will flash red)
  3. Allow the phone to ring out loud 4 - 6 times and then disconnect the call. You may see the light on the lifter flash red (this lets us know the ringtone has been recorded successfully)
    1. (If using P2, the light will flash blue when recording is successful)
  4. Place a test call and hear the chime!

Below are tips for programming ring tone. This does not need to be sent to the Customer.

1) We want to be in a quiet environment. This will ensure the microphone only pics up the ring tone and not a coworkers voice, or anything that might be playing the background.

2) When programming the ring tone into the ORL12, make sure the ringer volume is up as loud as it can be! The louder the ring, the easier it will program. You can always lower the ringer volume again once it’s successfully recorded, it doesn’t need to be at that level forever.

3) When programming the ring tone, put the lifter into recording mode once the phone has begun ringing. Why? That way you’re most likely to get pure ring tone, no talking or whistling.

4) Make sure that sticker is gone! On the bottom of the lifter, there’s a microphone embedded that’s covered with a white round sticker.

5) Try P1 and P2! You have more than one option for programming the ring detection; why not use both if you’re having troubles getting it going? P1 and P2 are designed to set two different distinct ring tones but you can try your hand at each of them if you have a stubborn lifter.