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Pairing Leitner LH300 Series to Digium D65

Leitner LH370 wireless Bluetooth headset works with digium phones

Want remote answering without lifter? You got it!

Though they look almost identical, the Digium D65 and Polycom phones don't use the same hookswitch. In fact, the D65 doesn't have one. If you also don't want to use a lifter, look no further from the Bluetooth!

Going into Pairing Mode

  • Make sure the headset is turned off, then press and hold the Bluetooth button on the base (between computer and phone buttons) until that light begins to flash, then let go
  • Now, let's move to the phone and follow their instructions, which we have placed in picture form
Digium D65 Bluetooth pairing instructions

Once you're done with the pairing, you should be able to answer your phone simply by turning the headset on! The other great thing is that the Bluetooth connection is between the phone and the charging base of the headset, which means you have the full range (up to 350 feet) of roaming power!

Give it the ol' college try.

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