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Panasonic KXTS3282 Features

Features of the KXTS 3282

• Two-line or one-line phone

• Call waiting

• Intercom

• Conferencing

• Mute

• Redial

• Speaker Phone

• 2.5mm Headset jack

• Data ready RJ11 jack for modem, fax, etc.

The Panasonic KXTS 3282 phone is compatible with all Plantronics, Executive Pro and GN Netcom corded and wireless Headset Systems, and features a 2.5mm headset jack for on-hook-dialing capability. There is no on-hook-dialing capability programmable for headsets with modular connections.

The phone has two lines, but can be used as a single-line telephone as well. It plugs directly into the line via an RJ11 connection and has an AC power source. The phone also has the capability to use battery power, with a compartment on the underside that takes three AA batteries. Even when using the AC adapter, batteries should be installed to maintain functionality in the case of a power outage.

The LCD display shows current time and date, the ext. number, and number of new calls (if you subscribe to Caller ID). The display also shows the length of a call during the conversation. You can access the menu to set the time and date by hitting the “Function/Edit” key directly below the LCD display to the left. The Function edit menu allows you to access and program the phone’s features.

Function / Edit capabilities:

• Time / Date

• Assign Ext. #

• LCD contrast

• Ringer volume

• Ringer pattern (ringtone)

• Set Dial Mode (tone/pulse)

• Set flash time (line switchover time)

• Incoming Call Tone (call waiting beep)

• Set dial lock (phone is only usable after password is entered)

• Set password (for dial lock, factory preset is “1111”)

• Call restriction (for outgoing calls)

• Call Privacy (prevents other extensions from joining your conversation)

• Call Barge In (allows other extensions to join your conversation)

• Line Selection (the phone is automatically set to go to the first open line, but you can use this feature to always

go to either Line 1 or Line 2)

Accessories in the box:

1 AC Adapter (KX-TCA1-G)

3 AA Batteries

1 Handset (PQJXC0401Z [Black], PQJXC0402Z [White])

1 Handset Cord (PQJA212V [Black], PQJA212M [White])

1 4-Wire Telephone Line Cord with Green Plugs (PQJA10088Z)

1 2-Wire Telephone Line Cord with Transparent Plugs (PQJA10075Z)

Connecting the phone

Use the RJ11 cord with green plugs to run from the line in the wall into the Line 1/Line 2 jack on the phone.

You can also insert an RJ11 splitter into the Line 1/Line 2 jack and run another RJ11 cord out to another phone (only a KXTS 3282 or KXTS 3281).

You can connect a modem / fax / answering machine to the Line 2 / Data jack via the RJ11 cord with the transparent plugs.

A maximum of eight KXTS 3282’s (or 3281’s) can be connected in parallel (one phone per one jack, each jack being the same phone line/lines).


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