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Phone Not Working When Plugged Into an Amplifier*

When I have my amplifier hooked up, my handset doesn’t work right!

There are 3 main reasons that the handset won’t work when plugged in through an amplifier:

1) The system is not plugged in correctly.

2) The cords are not plugged in all the way. Make sure all of the connections are nice and tight.

3) There is a short in one of the connections.

How can I test to see if there is a short in the connections?

Remove the any extra accessories (busy light, etc). Then test.

If it’s still not working:

Remove connector cord that may be defective, and replace it with another connector cord.

*If you do not have an extra connector cord, then:

Remove the connector cord that may be defective, and replace it with a curly cord (the one that connects the handset to the phone) from another telephone in their office. ( For Sennheiser wireless, send a new cord)

Although the curly cord looks different than the connector cord, it is essentially the same cord and will work just as well.

If the connector cord ends up being defective, then reach out so we can replace your cord!

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