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Phone Speaker Phone Causing Lifter to Chime

You may first be wondering why you are hearing this noise. Well, handset lifters come with a microphone that actually listens for your phone to ring, and when it hears the right sound, it will send a signal to the headset to tell you your phone is ringing. Sometimes they can get overzealous and start reacting to any loud noise, especially when that loud noise is directly under this microphone!

Certain lifters, such as the Sennheiser wireless lifters, can have the ringtone programmed in, which can minimize this issue if not remove it completely.

With other lifters, such as the Leitner lifter, you may need to either take the headset off of your head while doing speakerphone calls or simply use the headset or handset. Unplugging the lifter will remove the problem entirely, however you won't be able to use the lifter to answer the whole at this time.

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