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Free 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns Always!

Plantronics BT300 and you

So, what is the Plantronics BT300?

Welp, it’s a USB Dongle that allows your Plantronics bluetooth device to connect to your computer!

We don’t carry it, but it’s available by special order through Shipping! Let the Customer know you’ll get them a pricing quote and ETA if they need one!


1) Does it work with other brands?

Officially NO. The Customer is welcome to try it, but each brand makes their own Bluetooth dongle, so it would be a much better idea to buy a Sennheiser dongle for a Sennheiser headset, a Jabra dongle for a Jabra headset, etc.. These would also need to be a special order through shipping, so let the Customer know you will check for them on prices and availably and contact them back!

2) Does this work with Lync/Skype for Business?

It does IF you get the BT300-M version! Make sure it’s M as in Mmmmmicrosoft Lync!

3) Does in work with the Plantronics Hub software?

YES! In fact, it works better with Hub!

In fact, depending on your version of the adaptor you have, you may need to install the Plantronics Hub companion software and change the audio sensing to ON for the dongle to automatically transmit any audio directed toward the adapter. For some reason this is often disabled by default. 

So remember-- if they have a Plantronics bluetooth for cell phone and they need to use it with the computer, get them a BT300 (available by special order through Shipping!)

THE PLANTRONICS BT300! Because “Dongle” is a funny word!