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Plantronics CS55 lifter delay

Headset turns on, but lifter has a delayed reaction

1) Make sure the green light on the CS55 base turns on/off immediately as it should when pressing the silver talk button.

2) If so, and none of the resets change anything, it may be a bad power cord or source. Try connecting the DCA to another outlet. Even if they’re using a surge protector, try another outlet on the power strip or wall outlet.

3) If there is another working CS55 (or 510S, CS50, CS70, CS351 - they all use the same DCA) in the Customer’s office, see if you can borrow the DCA from it to swap out for the one in question. A bad DCA cord can not only cause an Online Indicator not to work, but also may cause a handset lifter to delay or lift/lower like it has a mind of its own.

If the delay continues even with another DCA, its the headset system must be replaced.

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