Plantronics M22 Amp Setup*

M22 Setup:

  1. Unplug the curly cord from the base of the telephone and plug that end into the back of the amp into the handset port where there is a picture of the handset
  2. Insert the coiled (Pig tail cord) cable from the M22 port labeled with the telephone symbol into the handset cord port on the telephone (where you disconnected the curly cord from)
  3. To connect your headset, put the 2 halves of the Quick Disconnect™ (QD) connector together. Your headset and M22 are both supplied with QD connectors. Plug the headset into the bottom of the amp where there is a picture of a headset
  4. Put the batteries in the amp
    1. Note: There is a power cord available, however it is not shipped out with the amp.

NOTE The telephone must be disconnected from the network before installing the M22. Your telephone may have a special socket labeled headset; if this is the case do NOT connect the handset to the M22.