Plantronics Savi meaning of lights

Mode button


Orange light: Initiating a connection. If the light never changes from this color, then no connection could be established.


Green light: Connection is established and active.


Red (flashing) light: Stand by connection -- You may freely flip between modes on the Savi, and it will place the other call on standby (please note, this is not hold, the Customer will hear silence).

Bluetooth Pairing button Connection status

Flashing red/blue Pairing mode

Flashing blue Connecting to bluetooth device

Solid blue Connected to bluetooth device

Base Subscription Light Base Status

Flashing green/red Primary headset subscription mode

Solid green Primary headset subscribed to base

Solid yellow Active conference call with guest headsets

Solid red No headset subscribed

Charging light Charging status

Flashing green Charging

Solid green Fully charged

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