Polycom has new phones, and they have call control through the USB port, as long as you are in computer mode!

You heard it right, folks. If you're Customer has one of those new Polycom CCX phones, you can plug your headset into the USB port for remote answering AND ring detection!

How to use:

Simply plug the provided USB cord into the headset base, then to the USB port of the phone, put headset into computer mode, then turn on the headset. You should be hearing dial tone at this point!

Note: This will prevent the Customer from easily being able to use the headset with their computer.

Has only been tested with Leitner, and compat is unknown. But will likely also work with Sennheiser and Plantronics. If you find out what works, send in on over to compat and here!

USB compatible phones in photo below.

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