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Polycom IP 300 Series and Hookswitches/EHS - A Couple of Things*

The Polycom Soundpoint IP 320, 321, 330 and 331 all require a Female RJ-9 to Male 2.5mm adapter. You may have the adapter (it has since been discontinued) which is the one needed to make EHS work with phone.

IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE THE ADAPTER your best bet will be an ORL12 handset lifter since the adapter has been discontinued and we have not found a replacement.


EHS Set Up:

1. Connect the RJ9 cord of the EHS into the Polycom adapter

2. Connect Polycom adapter into the 2.5mm port of the phone

Phone settings:

1. Click on the Menu or Home

2. Settings

3. Basic

4. Preferences

5. Headset

6. Memory mode - disabled

7. Go a step back in the menu and select Hookswitch or Analog mode

8. Choose from Sennheiser, Jabra, and Plantronics (Jabra for Leitner)

9. This may reboot the phone

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