Quick Guide to Using the 9120/9125 Buttons and Beeps

Multifunction button: B/center button

The multifunction button (B) serves several functions, depending on how long the button is pressed for:

Answer / make call - Press momentarily

End call - Press for 2 seconds

Tone control adjustment - press for 6 seconds

Conference mode requires another headset to be placed on the base - Press momentarily, you will hear 3 beeps while in conference mode. To remove headsets from conference mode, push multifunction button.

Functionality of the + and - buttons (A & C)

Use the - (A) button to:

Mute - Press twice quickly

Un-mute - Press twice quickly

Volume - (A) or + (C): press momentarily

Transmit volume adjustment (microphone volume adjustment)- press both (A & C) for 2 seconds simultaneously to get into the edit mode, then tap A or C for adjusting - or +.

Audible indicators / beeps

Out of range: Tone in headset every 10 seconds

Mute: Tone in headset every 15 seconds

Low Battery: Tone in headset every 20 seconds

Incoming Call: Tone in headset with RHL use.

If you move out of range, a tone will sound in your headset. Calls in progress are not disconnected but will in effect be put on hold. When you move back within range, communication will be reestablished.