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Yealink T54/T57W/T58A Phone: Rebooting

There is a special process for rebooting your phone. In fact, for the Yealink T5xx phones, there are a couple of ways, so let's check it out!

Yealink T54w office phone

Rebooting/Restarting the phone


  • Long press Cancel (picture of an X) on the keypad when phone is idle
  • When option to reboot comes up, select "yes" or whatever action means "yes"
  • Phone will reboot as normal


  • From the idle screen select Menu then move to Basic --> Reboot
  • Select Reboot

Alternative reboot methods

T57 and T58

Simply press and hold the * (asterisk) button on the phone until it asks you to reboot.


  • From the idle screen, select MENU
  • Navigate to BASIC
  • Select REBOOT


    • Swipe left or right on screen to get to second idle screen (or swipe down from the top to access the Quick Settings menu
    • Select SETTINGS
    • Navigate to BASIC SETTINGS > REBOOT. Select REBOOT

And that's about it! Once done, you should have a fully rebooted phone!

Time for a new headset?

Many user of Yealink phones have switched to the Leitner LH370

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