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Red Diamond with Battery vs Red Diamond without Battery Lights Troubleshooting on OR/DW Series

There are a lot of lights on the Sennheiser OfficeRunner, so it is understandable to be confused when a new one pops up. If you see a red diamond in the middle of the cube, it means the headset and base are not synced properly. Here is how you fix it!

Steps for Red Diamond NO Battery Lights:

  • Try putting the headset on the base with the mic pointing up (no headband). If there is still no light on the headset try a battery reset and schedule a cb for 1 hour out.

Battery reset instructions for the OfficeRunner

Battery removal instructions for DW Pro1

Battery removal instructions for the DW Pro2

Steps for Red Diamond with Battery Lights:

  • Dipswitch Reset:

1) Place the headset in the charging base

2) Remove the DCA power cord from the back of the base (under the yellow sticker). Unplug the USB cord (under the orange sticker) if it is being used

3) Note which positions the 6 white dip switches are in (so you can move them back to their original positions later in step 5), then move all 6 switches DOWN

4) Plug the DCA power cord (and USB if in use) back into the base and wait for 20 seconds

5) Move all 6 switches back UP and move any switches back down if needed (referring to step 3)

6) Test out your headset!

If this doesn't work...

  • Pairing a new microphone

1. If you have another microphone we could pair to this base that would be great! Just place it on the base and let it pair. Once paired, check to see if there is still a red diamond. (if there is not pair the new headset back in there)

2. If there is still a red diamond, try moving the power cord into a different outlet

3. Try a manual disconnect (hold the on/off button down until the battery lights go away, then put mic back on the base)

4. If there is a still a red diamond, try a manual pairing (steps below)

4a. Disconnect the power cord from the base.

4b. Remove headset from base.

4c. Press and hold both the power and mute button on the headset to place it into pairing mode – headset light flashes red/blue. (Do this while the power cord is still out!)

4d. Release buttons and place the headset back on the base.

4e. Once back on the base, immediately reconnect power cord.

4f. Once the power cord is reconnected, the mic sync should complete

Connectors in the back of Sennheiser OfficeRunner headset

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