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Replacing the Battery in the Sennheiser DW Pro 1 Headset

Sennheiser DW Pro1 battery compartment with battery

The battery in the Sennheiser DW Pro 1 headset is located in the side of the headband that does not have the microphone boom.

  • Using your fingernail, remove the BATTERY cover from the headband
  • Gently disconnect the white coupling at the end of the BATTERY wires to remove BATTERY from the headset
    Sennheiser DW Pro1 Battery removal diagram

  • Connect the new BATTERY to the female coupling on the headset
  • Secure the BATTERY door in place once again and allow the headset to charge for 1 hour

Diagram pictured is located on page 33 of the User Manual

Time for a new headset?

Many Sennheiser DW Pro users have switched to the Leither LH270!

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