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Replacing the Battery on LH200/300 Series Leitner Wireless

We have a couple of ways to get into the battery compartment of Leitner headsets, depending on your headset style. If you have an over-the-head headset, check out the first section. Have an on-the-ear model? Scroll down to the second section!

Leitner wireless lithium-ion battery with arrow
Leitner wireless lithium-ion battery without arrow


Click here to view the: LH270 Battery Replacement Video

  1. The easiest way to remove the battery door is to pop a fingernail into either of the corners closest to the bottom of the ear piece
    1. -You can also hold the headset upside down while having the buttons of the headset facing you
    2. - Now right in between the two silver plates (where the headset sits to charge) there is a small opening
    3. -With the tip of a pen we want to insert the tip and then push up (this will push the battery door up for us)
  2. Remove the old battery, then replace it with the new one
  3. The gold contacts end of the battery go in FIRST!
  4. HEADSETS.COM should be facing the inside toward the cushion and LEITNER should be facing outside toward the buttons of the headset
  5. The blank end of the battery (without contacts) should be the side seen when battery is in place correctly
Leitner LH270 battery compartment diagram


Click here to view the: LH280 Battery Replacement Video

*Opening the battery door can be very tricky! Please be assured that it is possible and their headset will not break with the amount of pressure it will take to open the door!*

  1. Hold the headset so that you are looking at the buttons. The Power button should be on the bottom, the Plus (+) button should be on the top.
  2. Find the plastic tab right next to the (+) button and pull it to the left. Once the door is open slightly pull it the rest of the way. This may take more force than you think, so have at it!
  3. The battery door will open to the left. The entire door comes off. There is a tiny lip that will help you catch the left-side door to pull it off.
  4. Remove the old battery, then replace it with the new one.
  5. The battery does not plug in, it simply sits in place with the factory writing facing UP. The side that says should be facing DOWN. The side that says Leitner Headsets should be facing UP. Be sure to match the brass connectors from the battery to the headset. If the battery is in the wrong way and the brass parts aren’t connected, it won’t charge. There is a picture in the headset right where the battery goes that shows you which direction it goes!
  6. Close the battery door so it snaps firmly back in place.
Leitner LH280 open battery compartment

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