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Reset and Re-Registration Steps for the Plantronics Calisto Pro

Calisto Pro Troubleshooting:

If inconsistencies with sound quality occur with the Calisto (dead air, error messages, handset failure, etc.), try the Reset and Resubscription procedures below. If an “Out of Range” error message appears on the handset, unplug the AC power supply, then perform the Reset. If the headset has an unclear connection or no sound and is not out of range, perform the Reset, then unpair and repair the headset and handset. If there is persistent static or an unclear connection and you have DSL on the same phone line, you’ll need to get a DSL filter to create a clean line.


To Reset the Calisto’s handset, unplug the battery for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. See steps 1-3 at center-right for a pictorial display. NOTE: Using the tip of a pen works well to open handset’s battery door.


If the Calisto is not connecting and just searching for the handset (shows “Searching for base” on LED screen) start by Re-registering the handset:

1. On the main screen press Menu

2. Highlight Initial Setup and press Select

3. Highlight Headset/Base and press Select

4. Highlight Register to Base and press Select

5. The handset remote will start searching (the screen will say “Searching for base”)

6. Hold down the “locate” button which is on the base right underneath where the handset remote sits when charging.

7. Keep holding until the handset remote either rings or says “Registration successful”. (pictured at lower right)


The Calisto Pro package includes PersonoCall software, giving you remote ring detection and the ability to answer and end calls remotely with your soft phone. Currently, the Calisto Pro is only compatible with Skype and Yahoo! soft phones (per Plantronics), and will not work with a Mac.


1. Install PersonsoCall from the disk provided with the Calisto Pro

2. A headset icon will appear in the icon tray

3. A Red X will appear over the icon until a compatible audio device (such as the Calisto Pro) is installed

4. Install the compatible soft phone

5. Select the Plantronics Calisto Pro as the default audio device

Common Troubleshoots:

1. If the Red X does not disappear when the Calisto Pro is installed try installing it in a different USB port or restart your computer

2. If the Calisto Pro fails to install correctly unplug the USB and power cords to reset it. Also remove and reinstall PersonoCall


Outlook Phonebook Utility supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and Outlook Express. The Outlook Phonebook Utility software allows you to transfer up to 200 Outlook contacts with 3 numbers each (work/mobile/home) from your PC into the Calisto’s handset. Once the software is installed on the computer, it retrieves the list of contacts from Outlook and allows you to “check” which contacts to transfer. This software can be used at any given time to update your phonebook. For more detailed information on the setup and functions of the Outlook Phonebook Utilities please see HDS Answers under “Is there a Plantronics user guide for the Calisto Pro?” where you can download the user’s guide (see pages 31 – 36 of the user’s guide for details).

Specific Troubleshoots and Notes:

Calisto is not responding when connected to the Internet:

Make sure the Calisto Pro is the only USB headset connected to your computer, and that PersonoCall is running. When PersonoCall has an active connection with the Calisto the handset will read “Connected: Internet.” If you’re still unable to hear through the headset, check that the Calisto is selected as the default device in your soft phone’s audio settings (see HDSAnswers for more info on softphone audio settings).

Calisto Pro: Buzzing

If the Calisto buzzes when connected to your computer’s USB port, plug its DCA into the same power strip as the PC and the buzz will typically go away.

Bluetooth Note:

While it is possible to pair other Bluetooth headsets to the Calisto handset, you may lose the functions of its original headset. Also, the Calisto handset can only be paired with one Bluetooth headset at a time.

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