General step by step instructions in how to perform an EHS reset

**The important thing here is the order in which this is done**


1) With headset on the base, remove power (and USB connection if applicable) from the headset base.

2) Unplug telephone connector cord from the base (ex: Green cord for OfficeRunner, RJ9 connector cord for Leitner, etc/) then the 2nd cord if there is one (Pink spot for OR, large AUX jack for Leitner, etc.)

3) Unplug RJ9 cable from the headset jack of the phone

4) Unplug EHS cable from the AUX, 5 pin or other jack (depending on the phone model) on the phone

5) Reconnect EHS to the AUX, 5 pin or other jack on phone

6) Reconnect RJ9 cord to headset jack on phone

7) Reconnect EHS to the headset base (AUX or ACC jack first and then PHONE jack second).

8) Reconnect power (and USB if in use) to the headset base

This will work about 99% of the time.

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