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Sennheiser OfficeRunner Ring Detector Beep (Chime) is too Soft

The chime you hear in your Sennheiser OfficeRunner should be loud enough for you to hear, obviously. If not, we have some steps you can take to make it louder!

1) Start with the headset turned off

2) Raise the volume on the headset like you normally would using the control on the back of the earpiece

3) The chime will ring in the headset and get louder when adjusting the volume up or quieter when adjusting down

The ring detector volume will stay where you leave it.

NOTE: The listening volume while on a call is separate from the ring detector volume. So, adjusting the volume in the OfficeRunner while the headset is turned ON will only change the listening volume for calls. Adjusting the volume while the headset is turned OFF will only change the ring detection volume.

Time for a new headset?

Many OfficeRunner Customers have made the switco to the Leitner LH270!

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