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Ross's (untested) disco lights solution

Ross has come up with something we can try for Disco Lights. It involves running the Sennheiser Updater 2x! Here are your steps:

1) Take the headset off the base.

2) Open up the Sennheiser Updater and select "Technical Mode."

3) Uncheck "Update Headset and Base" to and select that you’re updating only the base.

4) Update the base to the latest version of the Firmware. v.147 is the bad version, anything higher than that will work!

5) After you’ve run that update and reboot the computer, then put the headset back on the base and run a regular Sennheiser Updater (no technical mode).

6) The headset and base should now be on matching firmware, which should solve the Disco Lights issue!

***Please note we have not tested this live with Customers yet! But it’s something to try!

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