Samsung cell phone volumes

How do you change call volume/notification volume?

The Samsung Galaxy phones have separate volumes for notifications and calls and media. Occasionally one will be turned higher than the other, to great annoyance. Here is how to change them individually!

  • While on a call, press the volume button on the side of the phone (up or down, doesn't matter) so that the volume bar comes up
  • Once up, click the 3 dots at the top of the volume bar that pops up
  • This will open up another box with way more options, shown below
  • In case you don't know what these symbols mean, click the gear cog in the top right (Note: picture does not include call volume, as I was not on a call when taking screenshot)
  • Now you will be able to change them individually. Either turn down notifications, or whatever you need!

Note: This works for both Bluetooth AND corded headsets!