Savi W740 Buttons and lights overview*

Buttons (see diagram below)

8. Computer mode

9. Bluetooth mode

10. Phone mode

11. Bluetooth pairing button/light

12. Subscription button/light

Mode button (8, 9, 10) functions

Savi W740 Buttons Description

These buttons are used to change in between the various modes of use available with the Savi. Once pressed, the headset will open a line/audio channel and begin flashing white on the mic. Depending on the circumstances, you won’t necessarily hear a dial tone until you’ve dialed from your phone. The lights on the buttons will vary:

____ __

Orange light: Initiating a connection. If the light never changes from this color, then no connection could be established.

____ __

Green light: Connection is established and active.

____ __

Red (flashing) light: Stand by connection --You may freely flip between modes on the Savi, and it will place the other call on standby (please note, this is not hold, the Customer will hear silence).

Example: If you’re on a call via Bluetooth and you receive a call on your desk phone, you can press the phone mode button (it will turn green) and it will place the Bluetooth call on standby (red flashing) and allow the Customer to answer the incoming phone call.

-Please note: If you are on a call and a second call comes in from one of the other devices, you can flash (answer) to the second call by pressing the headset volume button up or down for 1.5 seconds. This will put the first call on standby while answering the incoming call.

Flash between calls: During a call, long press the volume button up or down for 1.5 seconds.

Conferencing Two Calls:

- You can combine the audio of any two modes by simultaneously holding the base buttons of any two of the three base buttons until the LEDs become solid green.

Bluetooth pairing button (11)

- For use when pairing to another Bluetooth device and to toggle the auto-connect feature off/on.

Bluetooth pairing:

- Press and hold down the Bluetooth pairing button until the light begins flashing red/blue (about 3-5 seconds).

- Once flashing, search for the headset via your Bluetooth device. Once found, select it and attempt to pair.

- If prompted for a passkey, enter 0000.

Auto-connect: The Savi will automatically connect via Bluetooth once your device is in range. To toggle this feature off:

- The base and the device must be actively connected (Bluetooth light is illuminated)

- Tap the Bluetooth button once, the light will go out

Once this is done, the base will only connect to the device if you manually do so. You can do this either from your device or by tapping the Bluetooth button again (which will re-activate the auto-connect feature)

Subscription button 12

Automatic secure subscription

- With the system idle, docking a new headset will automatically subscribe it to the base, making it the primary headset. The base subscription LED will blink green/red during subscription mode and remain green when the new subscription is established.

Manual secure subscription

- With your system idle and your headset docked, double press the subscription button on the base. The subscription light will flash red and green. When the subscription light on the base becomes solid green, the headset and base are subscribed to one another.

Manual over-the-air subscription

- With your system idle and your headset undocked, double press the subscription button on the base. The subscription light will flash green and red.

- Press the volume up button on the headset for three seconds until the headset LED turns solid white. When the subscription light on the base remains solid green, the headset and base are subscribed to one another.

Note: If the base subscription LED goes solid red, after flashing red/green, the subscription attempt has failed and should be repeated.

End Subscription

- If the base is in subscription mode and you want to stop the base from searching for a headset, press the subscription button again. The subscription light will be solid red for four seconds and then go to its previous state.

Disabling Over-the-Air Subscription

- The Savi system ships with the over-the-air subscription enabled. In a multi-shift environment, you may want to disable this mode of subscription. You can enable/disable over-the-air subscription with the base subscription button or with the Plantronics Control Panel. While your system is idle, hold the subscription button and the PC phone button down simultaneously until the PC phone button LED flashes. It will flash red for 4 seconds when over-the-air subscription has been disabled or green for 4 seconds when enabled.

Plantronics Savi W740 Headset Infographic

Microphone/Listening Volume Button on Plantronics Savi W740

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