SDW 5016 Dipswitches*

SDW 5016 has 8 Dipswitches . They are different from the OfficeRunner

SDW 5016 Dipswitches


EPOS Connect is a new program that makes it MUCH easier to set up your SDW 5016 base! So, if you can keep your headset base plugged into a Windows computer you can STOP and check out this article for info on how to set this up with EPOS Connect!

There is a UP, MIDDLE, and DOWN setting for all DIP switches

  • Up is closest to the S1/S1 button
  • Middle is well middle (you will be able to tell)
  • Down is closest to the ABC switch


DIP Switches 1 and 2: Desk phone mode only

D/S #1 & 2 up = “DHSG mode” Call control with phone using DHSG standard (If you have EHS cable)

D/S #1 down & # 2 in the middle = “Panasonic mode” call control with Panasonic phone using Panasonic EHS

D/S #1 down & #2 up = “Manual mode” Manual operation of handset or handset lifter (this is going to be set up for handset lifter)

D/S #1 up & #2 down = “Auto link” headset will turn on as soon as it is taken off the base

D/S #1 UP & #2 in the middle = “OptiPoint mode” Call control with OptiPoint phones using EHS

D/S #1 & 2 down = Don’t do it ( we don’t know what it does)


DIP Switch 2: Voice prompts

D/S #2 up or in the middle = Voice prompts are enabled

D/S #2 down = Voice prompts disabled, tones used instead


DIP Switch 3: Radio Range

D/S #3 up = Up to 100m (meters) indoors “Long range”

D/S #3 in the middle = Up to 50m indoors “Medium range”

D/S #3 down = Up to 10m indoors (for minimal interference with other DECT devices in dense environments) “Short range” “Good” narrowband calls, ultra-wideband music


Dip Switch 4: Call Answering

D/S #4 up = “Manual hook” we answer the calls hitting the ON/OFF button on the headset

D/S #4 in the middle = “Fast Link” Audio link to base station always open for fast response times

D/S #4 down = “Auto hook” call will be answered as soon as the headset is taken off of the base when there is an EHS cable attached


DIP Switch 5: Audio Quality

D/S #5 up = “Best” superwideband calls, fullband music

D/S #5 in the middle = “Better” wideband calls, ultra-wideband music

D/S #5 down = “Good” narrowband calls, ultra-wideband music


DIP Switch 6: Audio limiter

D/S # 6 up = Off

D/S # 6 in the middle = EU/US limiter

D/S # 6 down = AU limiter


DIP Switch 7: Ringing volume (the ringing volume on the base..yes has a speaker at the bottom of the base)

D/S 7 up = Volume high

D/S 7 in the middle = Volume low

D/S 7 down = Volume off


DIP Switch 8: Ringtone

D/S 8 up = Ringtone #1

D/S 8 in the middle = Ringtone #2

D/S 8 down = Ringtone #3